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Malick | Nebunu’.

Scrisoarea lui Terence Malick (scrisa de mana) catre proiectionisti, ce va insoti fiecare copie a filmului “TheTree of Life”.

Proper theatre projection is fast becoming a forgotten art.asa isi incepe scrisoarea, dupa care continua cu:

1. Project the film in 1.85:1 aspect ratio
2. Set the fader on Dolby and DTS systems to 7.5 or 7.7 (higher than the standard setting of 7)
3. With no opening credits, he asks that the “lights down cue is well before the opening frame of reel 1.”
4. Projection lamps should be at “Proper standard (5400 Kelvin)” and that the “foot Lambert level is at Standard 14.” No, we don’t understand either.

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